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Epoxy Resin clamping machine(APG machine)
Vacuum Stirring Mixing Machine
Epoxy-Resin Stirring and Mixing Machine
Winding machine
C/T,P/T mould
Transformer foil winding machine
Laser Marking Machine
    Information Title Release Date
   YIBO Participates in Elecrama-2016 2016.02.29
   Pick Grape on Wugong Mountain Outdoor Training 2015.08.27
   Shipment of equipments and molds 2015.08.06
   Customers inspected and tested the machines they ordered 2015.08.03
   Customized APG equipment ready to send to Brazil 2015.07.21
   customers visited factory 2015.07.08
   India customer visit Yibo 2015.07.07
   On May 10, 2013 Bangladesh customer visit 2013.05.14
   On March 15, 2013 Brazil electric power company to visit our company 2013.04.08
   Luxi County four team leader view visited Jiangxi a mutual electrical 2012.12.04
   The Jiangxi Province Technical Supervision Bureau leaders and experts to guide our company 2012.12.04
   The water company staff to visit my company 2012.12.04
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APG Epoxy Resin clamping machine Winding machine